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SL 380 Midi

New Glazing Robots
SL 380 Midi
Smartlift Glazing Robots

The SL 380 Midi fills the gap in the market between the Standard and Maxi Smartlift models. The SL 380 Midi is small and reliable with a dual circuit vacuum system for maximum safety. It also provides a mounting height of around 2.6 m.

SL 380 Midi Data Sheet
  • Two vacuum circuits with two pumps
  • Four reliable suction pads (300 mm)

Smartlift glazing robots are available with a wide range of optional accessories. We have a page dedicated to these optional extras here.

Arm Extension0.5 m
Max Mounting Height2.6 m (approx)
Lifting Capacity380 kg
Suction Pads4 x 300 mm
Weight525 kg
Length1.82 m
Width0.65 m
Height1.35 m
Power OptionsBattery (2 x 12 v) 24 volt