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SL 380

The Smartlift SL 380 Indoor (midi) is at home on a slab floor surface. Weighing just 570 kg’s, it can be used on most mezzanine floors with low point loading tolerances such as office blocks and flats. The unit is capable of lifting, transporting and manipulating 380kg’s of glass and can carry the load through an opening of just over 650mm.

Smartlift glazing robots are a firm favourite of multi-level building sites where precision window installation and glass fitting can be a single person operation. This makes commercial glazing both safe and cost-efficient.

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Smartlift SL 380 Indoor glazing robot.

Key Features

  • Small and reliable
  • 380 kg lifting capacity
  • 2.6 m mounting height
  • Two vacuum circuits with two pumps
  • Four reliable suction pads (300 mm)


Arm Extension 0.5 m
Max Mounting Height 2.6 m (approx)
Lifting Capacity 380 kg
Suction Pads 4 x 300 mm
Weight 525 kg
Length 1.82 m
Width 0.65 m
Height 1.35 m
Power Options Battery (2 x 12 v) 24 volt

Optional Extras

Smartlift glazing robots are available with a wide range of optional accessories. The robot can be quickly transformed into a lifting crane or a forklift truck with the right purpose-built accessory. Follow the link below to download the full list of Smartlift accessories.

Smartlift Accessories