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SL 580

The Smartlift SL 580 Indoor is an industrial glazing robot that’s suitable for heavyweight usage. This multifunctional self-driven lifting device is perfect for the indoor lifting of heavy window panes and related glazing units such as curtain wall systems and facades.

This machine is capable of lifting, transporting and manipulating flat objects weighing up to 580 kg’s. If your system is shuffle or pocket glazing or you just need to transport glass from A to B on flat terrain then this machine offers a safe and efficient solution.

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Smartlift 580 Indoor Glazing Robot

Key Features

  • 10 cm side shift
  • 230 cm lifting height
  • The most powerful Smartlift robot for indoor glazing
  • Two vacuum circuits with two pumps
  • Accurate to the millimeter
  • Perfect for industrial use


Arm Extension 0.5 m
Max Mounting Height 2.5 m (approx)
Lifting Capacity 580 kg
Vacuum System 2 circuits
Suction Pads 4 x 400 mm
Weight 697 kg
Length 2.02 m
Width 0.78 m
Height 1.42 m
Power Options Battery (2 x 12v) 24 volt

Optional Extras

Smartlift glazing robots are available with a wide range of optional accessories. The robot can be quickly transformed into a lifting crane or a forklift truck with the right purpose-built accessory. Follow the link below to download the full list of Smartlift accessories.

Smartlift Accessories