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SL Gipsy

New Glazing Robots
SL Gipsy
Smartlift Glazing Robots

The Smartlift SL Gipsy is a lifting device that handles plasterboards the easy way. This version of the popular self-driven Smartlift has been designed specifically for working with plasterboard, fibreboard and similar surfaces.

SL Gipsy Data Sheet
  • Two vacuum circuits with two pumps
  • Stepless in all its movements
  • Automatic setting to horizontal or vertical position via gyro system
  • Double speed on lift, extension and tilt
  • Self-propelled

Smartlift glazing robots are available with a wide range of optional accessories. We have a page dedicated to these optional extras here.

Arm Extension0.5 m
Max Mounting Height3.3 m (approx)
Suction Pads4 x 125 mm
Weight480 kg
Length2.12 m
Width0.62 m
Height1.34 m
Power OptionsBattery (2x12 v) 24 volt