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Smartlift Glazing Robots

Smartlift offers a wide range of multifunctional lifting devices known as ‘glazing robots’ or ‘glass manipulators’. These machines are primarily aimed towards helping people in the glass and glazing industry work in a more safe and efficient way. Smartlift glazing robots have an excellent reputation for safety and reliability. We supply their full range of products to customers right across the UK.

Our glazing robots are easily transported in a van and will complete a full day’s work on a single charge. All Smartlift models are self-propelled and have a dual vacuum system for extra safety. Our customers choose Smartlift to increase health and safety measures whilst improving time and cost-efficiency. We work with everyone from glaziers (both commercial and domestic) through to shopfront fitters, commercial facade companies, modular home builders, glass manufacturers and window fabricators.

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Available Models

Smartlift Uses

Why not watch the following videos to learn more about how a Smartlift can help at the various stages of your business operation(s).


Glazing Logistics

Glass Installation

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