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SL 400 Sky Lifter

The Smartlift SL 400 Sky Lifter is a forklift mounted vacuum robot and provides the ideal solution for the installation of windows in tall buildings. Accurate to the millimetre and radio controlled, this machine is both precise and easy to use. It is also capable of lifting loads of up to 400 kg.

The Sky Lifter can be fitted to most forklifts and telehandlers by removing the forks and using the adaptor plate supplied directly from Smartlift.

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Key Features

  • Accurate to the millimeter
  • Radio control of all features (100 m range)
  • Large lifting capacity of 400 kg
  • Secure suction hold with two vacuum circuits

Available Models

Specifications - SL 400 Sky Lifter

Arm Extension 385 mm
Max Mounting Height Dependant on parent vehicle
Lifting Capacity 400 kg
Vacuum System 2 circuits
Suction Pads 4 x 300 mm
Weight 360 kg
Length 1.14 m - 1.52 m
Width 1.02 m - 1.22 m
Height 1.05 m - 1.3 m