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Bronto Skylift Servicing

A Bronto Skylift being serviced by one of our engineers.At Central Platform Services Ltd we began to develop a reputation for our work on truck mounted platforms early in our inception and people began bringing their machines from far and wide. Despite being quite different from traditional MEWP type work, this offered the business an opportunity to “specialise” in something. Seeing the opportunity early, we expanded our business and staff to be able to conduct large truck work, but also retain our regular MEWP work as well. New premises were required, which saw us move to our purpose built facility in South Kirkby, which allows us to complete complex boom strips and major refurbishment work on the very largest trucks.

Soon after this our reward was to be approached by Bronto Skylift to become one of their UK service partners. During this time we were chosen as the sole UK distributor of Bronto parts.

We Service The Following Platforms

Model Max Working Height Max Outreach Max Safe Rescue Cage Load Transport Length Typical GVW
36XDT 36 m 27 m 700 kg 9.98 m 18 t
38XDT 38 m 27 m 700 kg 10 m 18 t
44XDT 44 m 24 m 700 kg 10 m 18 t
46XDT 46 m 25.3 m 700 kg 9.98 m 18 t
50XDTJ 50 m 35.4 m 700 kg 11.9 m 26 t
56XR 56 m 40 m 700 kg 12 m 26 t
61XDT 61 m 35 m 600 kg 12 m 32 t
70XDT 70 m 34.8 m 700 kg 12.3 m 35 t
70XR 70 m 37 m 700 kg 12 m 32 t
90HLA 90 m 32.6 m 700 kg 15.5 m 48 t
104HLA 104 m 33 m 700 kg 16.3 m 62 t
112HLA 112 m 33 m 700 kg 19 m 74 t