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SL 808 Outdoor

New Glazing Robots
SL 808 Outdoor
Smartlift Glazing Robots

The Smartlift SL 808 Outdoor (previously known as the SL-780) is another rough terrain machine for either outdoor or indoor use. The SL 808 is capable of handling window frames weighing up to almost a tonne and is the ideal solution for the safe and precise installation of very large window or door sections.

SL 808 Outdoor Data Sheet
  • 2 vacuum circuits with 2 pumps
  • Front-wheel drive
  • Big wheels
  • Electronic brake
  • Dual rear wheels
  • Remote control for all hydraulic functions
  • Waterproof according to ip65

Smartlift glazing robots are available with a wide range of optional accessories. We have a page dedicated to these optional extras here.

Arm Extension2 x 830 mm
Max Mounting Height4.4 m
Lifting Capacity200kg / 820 kg
Vacuum System2 circuits
Suction Pads4 x 400 mm and 2 x 300 mm
Weight1300 kg
Length3.3 m
Width1.5 m
Height1.49 m
Power OptionsBatteries (4 x 134 Ah AGM)