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The CTE TRACCESS 200 is a robust track-mounted access platform, characterised by its impressive reach and agility. It features an articulated boom with two elements, a telescopic boom with an extension, and a jib, offering a working height of 20 meters and an outreach of 8.5 meters. This design enables excellent manoeuvrability and outreach, making it suitable for tasks in challenging and hard to reach areas.

Equipped with a 220° turret rotation, the TRACCESS 200 allows for flexible positioning. Its proportional electrohydraulic controls in the basket ensure precise and smooth operation. The platform includes an all-aluminium basket and hydraulic basket levelling system, offering both safety and comfort for the operator.

Ideal for a range of applications, including painting, building construction, tree maintenance, and interior maintenance, the TRACCESS 200 is a versatile access platform for various industries. Its dual drive speed feature allows for efficient navigation across work sites, helping to get the job done on time.

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CTE TRACCESS 200 access platform.

Key Features

  • Articulated boom (two elements) + telescopic boom (main boom + 1 extension) + jib
  • Sigma boom moved by connecting rods
  • 220° turret rotation
  • Proportional electrohydraulic controls in the basket
  • Engine start and stop controls from the basket
  • All aluminium basket 1400x700x1100mm
  • 90° right + 90° left hydraulic basket rotation
  • Hydraulic basket levelling system
  • Dual drive speed
  • Extendible track width


Max Lift Capacity 250 kg (2 persons)
Max Working Height 20 m*
Max Outreach 8.5 m*
Transport Dimensions (L x W x H) 5324 x 1400 x 1999 mm
Basket Dimensions 1400 x 700 x 1100 mm
Floor Height 18 m
Turret Rotation 220º
Outrigger Support Dimensions 3380 x 3467 mm
Total Weight 2782 kg
Engine 230 V 1,5 Kw auxiliary engine
Max Drive speed 1,5 Km/h

* outreach and max height values can change within ± 3% due to manufacturing variation and working condition.