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SL 309 Outdoor Compact

The Smartlift SL 309 Outdoor glazing robot is a compact vacuum lifting robot with an impressive combination of size and capacity. Capable of lifting up to 350 kg and reaching a lifting height of 3.07 meters, this unit is the perfect tool for the mounting of glass, windows, granite, marble and other non porous materials.

The compact design of the SL 309 Outdoor allows it to be easily transported in a van and moved around site with ease. With a length of only 1.435 meters and a height of 1.41 meters, it can be fitted into a standard construction hoist with ease. Plus, with a small turning radius of just 90 cm, the SL 309 Outdoor Compact can manoeuvre in the tightest of spaces.

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Smartlift SL 309 Outdoor compact glazing robot.

Key Features

  • Compact length for better manoeuvrability
  • 90 cm turning radius
  • Up to 350 kg lifting capacity (depending on outreach)
  • Up to 3.07 m lifting height (depending on outreach)
  • Off-road chassis with 1500 W AC front-wheel drive system
  • Sideway shifting up to 10 cm (4") for higher flexibility
  • Remote controlled vacuum system
  • Long life gel battery pack
  • Built in remote tracking/diagnostics app (Trackunit)
  • Large wheels and dual rear wheels

Available Models

Specifications - SL 309 Outdoor

Lifting cap. arm in/out 350 / 170 kg - 770 / 370 lbs.
Lifting height 3,070 mm / 121 in.
Extension of arm 600 mm / 24 in.
Tip from horizontal 35° back/ 135° fwd.
Side shift 100 mm /4 in.
Charging voltage 230 V / 110V
Charging time Approx. 10 hrs.
Running period Up to 10 hrs.
Front-wheel drive 1500 W AC
Suction pads 4 x Ø300mm / 4 x Ø12 in.
Width 820 mm / 32 in.
Curb weight 620 kg / 1,370 lbs.

Optional Extras

Smartlift glazing robots are available with a wide range of optional accessories. The robot can be quickly transformed into a lifting crane or a forklift truck with the right purpose-built accessory. Follow the link below to download the full list of Smartlift accessories.

Smartlift Accessories