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The range of Avant loaders is available with a wide variety of different options and over 200 different attachments. Simply choose from the following categories for more information.

Please Note: Operation of certain attachments may require specific equipment on the loader. Compatibility tables between attachments and loader models are advisory and all attachments do not fit on all compact loader models. Please contact us to make sure that the attachment you are looking for is compatible with your Avant loader.

Available Options & Attachments

A general bucket attachment on an Avant loader.

Buckets & Material Handling

Avant offers a wide range of general buckets and material handling attachments, including everything from light and heavy-duty buckets through to telescoping Jib booms, pallet forks and log grapple attachments.

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A rotary collecting broom operated by an Avant loader.

Property Maintenance

Avant offers a wide range of attachments to help with property maintenance tasks. The range includes everything from dozer blades for snow clearing through to road sweepers and salt/sand spreading systems.

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A lawnmower attachment on an Avant loader.


Avant offers a wide range of attachments to help with general day to day groundcare tasks. The range includes everything from lawnmower attachments including flail mowers through to hedge trimmers and weed brushes. Our groundcare attachments are easy to operate and will leave a professional finish to gardens and parks.

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A rotary harrow Avant attachment used during landscaping.


Avant offers a wide range of attachments to help with landscaping tasks. The range includes everything from rotary hoes and harrows through to levellers and stump grinders. For professional gardening and landscaping jobs, the Avant offers safe and efficient solutions for most projects.

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A mini digger attachment on an Avant loader.

Digging & Construction

Avant offers a wide range of attachments to help with digging and construction work. The range includes everything from backhoes through to mini diggers and trencher attachments. Like the compact loader itself, the construction tools are heavy duty and built to withstand the riggers of building and demolition sites.

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A silage grab attached to an Avant loader.

Farming & Stables

Avant offers a wide range of attachments to help with various farming and stable tasks. The range includes everything from grapples and silage grabs through to bale grabbers, slurry mixers and cultivator attachments. Many of these attachments have been built from the demand of farmers across the globe looking to make their farms more efficient.

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A log splitter used by an Avant loader.


Avant offers a wide range of attachments to help with forestry and arboriculture work. The range includes everything from winches and tree shears through to log grabs, log splitters and woodchipper attachments. Many tree surgeons rely on Avant tools to lighten the load during their day to day forestry tasks.

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An Avant generator attachment powering corded tools.

Power Packs

A variety of power pack options are available on Avant compact loaders. Portable generators, compressors and pressure washing systems are all available, giving your Avant even more uses. From onsite compressed air for the operation of pneumatic tools through to generating onsite electricity in off grid locations, these attachments can provide the source of energy you require.

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The Avant multi connector.

Options For Attachments

Additional options that can be used with some of the above attachments are also available. These options include everything from tilt adapters through to drawbars and multi-connector hydraulic systems. You can convert other brands of attachments to operate with your loader by using the adaptor plates and hydraulic couplers available from Avant.

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Various options available on new machines.

New Machine Options

Various options are available on new machines. This includes everything from tyre choices through to road traffic light kits and different operator cabs with air conditioning. When buying a new compact loader, choosing the right options and packages to suit you and your business will make all the difference. Speak to our advisors for more information.

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Avant Tyre Options

Wheels & Tyres

Various wheel and tyre options are available across the Avant range. Choose from a selection of wheels, combining them with grass tyres, tractor tyres and solid foam filled tyres depending on your requirements. All tyres are available in a range of sizes and bolt patterns.

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Various filter kits available on the range of Avant compact loaders.

Filter Kits

A variety of filter kits to help with the routine maintenance of your Avant compact loader. All filters are genuine Avant original parts.

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A selection of Avant Merchandise.


Avant offers a selection of branded merchandise covering everything from workwear through to toys and collectable scale models. So, when you want to look the part whilst operating your compact loader, or you simply want to treat the kids to a new toy, why not check out what’s new in the Avant merchandise catalogue today?

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