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Avant 700 Series

New Avant Loaders
Avant 700 Series
Avant Loaders

Avant 700 series loaders are the second largest and most powerful in the range with a lift capacity of 1500kg and a maximum lift height of 3.1m. They feature a 57hp engine which provides a maximum speed of 30km/h.

A wide variety of Avant attachments are available with everything from general buckets to specialised tools such as cutting bars and flail mowers. Please note that all front-end attachments are sold separately.

Avant 700 Series Brochure
Avant 755i Avant 760i
Length 3060mm 3060mm
Height 2060mm 2110mm
Weight 1970kg 2100kg
Standard Wheels 320/60-12HD TR 400/50-15 TR
Auxiliary Hydraulics Oil Flow/Pressure 80 l/min 225bar 80 l/min 225 bar
Tipping Load 1400kg 1400kg
Engine Kohler KDI1903TCR Kohler KDI1903TCR
Engine Output 42kW (57hp) 42kW (57hp)
Fuel Type Diesel Diesel

The range of Avant loaders is available with a wide variety of different options and attachments. We have a page dedicated to the extensive range of Avant attachments here.