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Avant 200 Series

New Avant Loaders
Avant 200 Series
Avant Loaders

Avant 200 series loaders are the lightest in the range and have a lift capacity of 350kg and a maximum lift height of 1.4m. They feature a 20hp engine which provides a maximum speed of 10km/h.

A wide variety of Avant attachments are available with everything from general buckets to specialised tools such as cutting bars and flail mowers. Please note that all front-end attachments are sold separately.

Avant 200 Series Brochure
Avant 220 Avant 225 Avant 225 LPG
Length 1910mmm 1910mmm 1940mmm
Width 995/1025mm 995/1025mm 995/1025mm
Height 1880mm 1880mm 1880mm
Weight 700kg 700kg 700kg
Standard Wheels 20x8.00-10 Tractor/Grass 20x8.00-10 Tractor/Grass 20x8.00-10 Tractor/Grass
Pulling Force 620 daN 640 daN 640 daN
Max Speed 10km/h 10km/h 10km/h
Auxiliary Hydraulics Oil Flow/Pressure 30 l/min 42 l/min 42 l/min
Max Lifting Height 1400mm 1400mm 1400mm
Tipping Load 350kg 350kg 350kg
Engine Kohler CV640 Kohler ECV730 EFI Kohler PCV740
Engine Output 14.9kW (20hp) 18.6kW (25hp) 17.8kW (24hp)
Fuel Type Petrol Petrol LPG (Autogas)

The range of Avant loaders is available with a wide variety of different options and attachments. We have a page dedicated to the extensive range of Avant attachments here.