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Operator Training Programs

Together with our service partners, we have developed standardised training programs to allow us to train our customers’ engineers in the basis of pre-delivery and inspection of the machines we provide. We are capable of delivering these courses for up to 8 people at once and can accommodate this at our head office in South Kirkby or on your site, providing you are able to facilitate the training requirements regarding welfare.

If you are an existing customer then you will no doubt be aware of this, but we would not sell machines without offering ongoing support and training to ensure the machines continue to perform the way they should long into the future. This helps to guarantee a reliable and valuable service.

Advanced Operator Training

In addition to our basic training for machine pre-delivery and general inspection, we can deliver bespoke courses designed for the end-user. These courses are based around the more complicated systems of the machines and are often targeted at ‘the Operator’ themselves. We feel it is important to ensure that operators of these specialist machines are able to understand the full operational capabilities of their equipment.

These courses are designed to help engineers and operators handle common functionality and minor operational issues without costly external intervention, with a better working knowledge of the machine.

This course recognises that whilst we may hand the machine over correctly to the operator at the time, many operators may be called upon to use the machine over its life with you. If there is an opportunity to train everyone who may use the machine, then this is the ideal course.