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Smartlift Launches New SL 609 HLE RT Outdoor Glazing Robot

Central Platform Services Ltd is pleased to announce that Smartlift has launched their next-generation glazing robot; the SL 609 HLE RT Outdoor, with the model now available for sale across the UK and Ireland via

The SL 609 Outdoor is the first in a new generation of glass lifters from Smartlift. It features a wide variety of new and improved features and functionality, helping to boost both productivity and safety. The model is perfectly suited to the installation of heavy glazing units both indoors and out.

SL 609 HLE RT glazing robot.
The new SL 609 Outdoor was on display at a launch event.

With a reach of up to 2.3 metres (with the arm extended) and a lifting height of up to 4.2m, the SL 609 is the perfect all-round glass manipulator. Electric rotation of the arm and yoke offers greater flexibility than traditional models, further demonstrating its effectiveness.

New Features & Functionality

This new offering from Smartlift features a straight up and down movement, not in a curve, but a precise straight movement to help save time and improve efficiency during the mounting of glazing units. The operator can now even save and reload positions for repeated mounting purposes, helping to further increase efficiencies.

Faster operation with increased speed for lifting and tilting is made available by the introduction of much faster actuators, with the same high precision as previous models.

The SL 609 HLE RT Outdoor glazing robot from Smartlift.
A 3D model of the new SL 609 HLE RT Outdoor glazing robot.

The SL 609 HLE RT Outdoor also incorporates internet of things (IoT) technology, providing features such as theft protection, tracking, fleet management and remote diagnostics, helping you get the most out of your investment.

A new maintenance-free battery pack is also included based on gel battery technology with a robust long lifetime, helping to increase the general availability of your machine.

Directors Comment

John Burton, Director at had the following to say regarding the launch of the SL 609 HLE RT Outdoor:

“As the approved Smartlift dealer distributor for Smartlift products in the UK and Ireland, we are delighted to announce the launch of this next-generation glass lifter. The SL 609 features several key innovations that will be extremely useful to our customers.

We are big believers in improving worker safety and efficiency, and Smartlift continues to impress us with its latest innovations on this front. With faster mounting times and the ability to now save mounting positions, we are confident the SL 609 HLE RT Outdoor will further help to transform the way our customers work on site, helping them get the job done faster and safer than ever before.

With the introduction of Smartlift IoT technology, we can now offer an even better service to our customers through remote diagnostics and product support. Moving forwards, this will be a game changer for our customers, and we look forward to introducing the new SL 609 Outdoor to potential clients.”

John Burton, Director at


The Smartlift SL 609 HLE RT Outdoor is now available for sale across the UK and Ireland via

If you are interested in investing in Smartlift glass lifting technology, our experts are on hand to offer technical advice and equipment demonstrations. Simply email us at or call us on 01977 643 595 to register your interest.

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