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Meet The New Smartlift SL 309 Outdoor Compact

We are pleased to announce the immediate launch of the new Smartlift SL 309 Outdoor glazing robot from Smartlift. This compact unit is a scaled down version of the SL 409 Outdoor with improved manoeuvrability thanks to its length of just 1.435 meters and height of 1.41 meters.

Thanks to the reduced dimensions of the SL 309 Outdoor, the unit is easily transported to and from site and can even fit inside a standard construction lift with room to spare. This unit also boasts a turning radius of just 90 cm – perfect for cramped site conditions and internal corridors!

The SL 309 Outdoor has primarily been designed to meet the needs of the glass and glazing industry but can also offer a range of benefits to those installing other non-porous materials such as granite and marble. With a lifting capacity of up to 350 kg and a lifting height of up to 3.07 m (both depending on outreach), Smartlift has introduced a thoroughly capable vacuum lifting robot that is sure to appeal to multiple industries.

This glazing robot can be folded to a length of just 1.435 meters with the yoke removed and as mentioned, will easily fit into an elevator/construction hoist found on many of today’s larger construction sites. It can also be fitted with narrow front tires (white non marking tires), reducing the width and allowing the unit to fit through door openings of just 80cm.

The SL 309 Outdoor compact glazing robot folded in the transport position.

Please note that this unit is purpose built to remain compact and therefore does not feature high lifter (HL), high lifter electric (HLE), or high lifter electric rotation (HLE RT) versions. Full product information and specifications can be found on our SL 309 Outdoor Compact product page.

If you have a question about the new SL 309 Outdoor compact glazing robot, or would like a quotation, simply get in touch with our Smartlift specialists by calling 01977 643 595, or emailing us at

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