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We are proud to announce that we have won a local video competition organised by the Langthwaite Business Association (LBA), RCP21 and Media Borne.

The competition invited businesses on the Langthwaite Business Park to submit short videos showcasing the fantastic work that happens across the park. Our entry was produced by the 10 year old daughter of John Burton, Director at Central Platform Services Ltd, and provided an overview of the powered access, mini loader and vacuum lifting equipment that we have to offer.

Cherry & John Burton filming their video on a Leguan 135 Neo access platform.

The organisers received a number of excellent videos. The winner was determined by a panel of judges that included representatives from the LBA, RCP21 and Media Borne who are a video production and photography agency from the North East.

The decision to choose CPSLift as the winner was a unanimous decision. The judges felt that given the brief and the resources available that we managed to put together an excellent video containing key information about our products and services. The judges were later surprised to learn that the video was created and edited by John’s daughter.

The winner was entitled to the production of a complementary promotional video produced by Media Borne which you can watch below.

In conjunction to this competition, the LBA had commissioned a Park wide Promotional Video to further promote the businesses on the Langthwaite Business Park. This is currently in post-production and will be made available for all businesses to use on their social medial platforms and websites in the near future.

We would like to offer a big thank you to the organisers and we hope for a prosperous year for all businesses across the park.

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