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Central Platform Services Ltd ( is delighted to welcome okoHaus to the Smartlift family. As a prominent glazing company based on the outskirts of Ipswich, okoHaus has recently acquired a state-of-the-art Smartlift SL 608 HLE RT glazing robot to help bolster productivity and efficiency of the company’s operations.

John Lewis of okoHaus with his new Smartlift SL 608 HLE RT glazing robot.
John Lewis of okoHaus with his new Smartlift SL 608 HLE RT glazing robot.

The decision to invest in the SL 608 HLE RT demonstrates okoHaus’ commitment to incorporating cutting-edge technology into their installation processes. With its advanced features and capabilities, the glazing robot is perfectly suited to revolutionise the company’s operations.

Liam Buckley, Smartlift Sales Executive (UK & Ireland) at closed the deal with John Lewis, Director at okoHaus. Liam expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration with the following statement.

“We are delighted to provide okoHaus with the SL 608 HLE RT glass lifting robot from Smartlift. This particular model is renowned for its exceptional performance and reliability, making it an ideal choice for okoHaus’ construction projects.

Dealing with John and the wider okoHaus team has been a pleasure from day one. The company’s professionalism and attention to detail is second to none and I would highly recommend the company to those looking for a professional supplier and installer of sustainable glass and glazing products in and around East Anglia.”

Liam Buckley – Smartlift Sales Executive (UK & Ireland) at

Why The SL 608 HLE RT?

The SL 608 HLE RT glazing robot offers numerous advantages, including increased safety, reduced labour requirements, and enhanced precision. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, the robot is designed to handle glazing tasks with utmost efficiency and accuracy, contributing to improved overall project quality.

Here is what John Lewis, the Director of okoHaus had to say about his recent purchase.

“Since the company’s inception in 2020, okoHaus has firmly established itself as an expert in the supply and installation of sustainable window and door systems. Operating across East Anglia from our office and showroom just outside Ipswich, we mainly work with self-builders, architects and contractors who have a need for high performance, sustainable and beautiful products.

We chose the SL 608 HLE RT as we believe it offers various benefits to both us and our customers. Our team are able to benefit from the numerous safety features that the unit has to offer whilst our customers will benefit from fewer personnel on site and reduced installation times due to the precise movements that the glazing robot has to offer.”

John Lewis – Director at okoHaus

About okoHaus

okoHaus supplies and installs sustainable glazing products from the likes of Velfac, Rationel and Solarlux. These types of products generally come to site fully glazed and finished and therefore are typically very heavy and need extreme care to distribute around site and install efficiently and without damage. With Solarlux products in particular, the company can handle large sliding doors in various sizes that can sometimes weigh up to 1000kg per panel.

Having hired Smartlift glass lifting solutions over the last couple of years, the company took the decision to commit to investing in their very own machine in July 2023. Whilst this was a significant investment, okoHaus now has the ability to use Smartlift technology at short notice and on a wider range of projects, helping the company to achieve a higher level of efficiency and professionalism.

The company’s team of installers have always enjoyed using Smartlift products and appreciate the level of fine adjustment in the angle of attack available verses other brands of glazing robot.

A large proportion of the company’s growth over the last few years has been thanks to repeat orders and referrals from similarly minded architects and contractors, so the company is keen to demonstrate to its customer base that they are investing in improved processes and site safety.


Central Platform Services Ltd ( is the exclusive UK and Ireland dealer for Smartlift, a leading manufacturer of glazing robots based in Denmark. The company supplies the full range of Smartlift products and offers a comprehensive range of after sales services including servicing/repairs, LOLER testing and warranty support.

For a demonstration of the company’s in-stock Smartlift glass lifting solutions, please contact Liam Buckley at

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