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Central Platform Services Ltd ( is pleased to announce the company has taken part in the Smartlift Academy for 2022.

As the official dealer/distributor of Smartlift products for the UK and Ireland, company representatives John Burton and Liam Buckley joined other approved dealers from around the world at the Smartlift headquarters in Demark for a truly memorable event.

Attendees of the Smartlift Academy 2022.
Dealers from around the world attended the Smartlift Academy 2022.

Read below for an overview of what the team got up to during their visit.

Research & Development

With close involvement of the Smartlift research and development and technical departments, the company set out their plans for the rest of 2022 and beyond, explaining how the Smartlift family of products will continue to evolve, offering even greater efficiency and safety for operators of Smartlift glass lifters.

Whilst we can’t elaborate on some of the planned announcements, we were given an update on the launch of the now released Smartlift SL 609 HLE RT Outdoor glazing robot – a truly remarkable innovation in glass lifting technology.

Technical Training

Although our team are already experts in everything Smartlift, it always helps to reinforce our technical knowledge of Smartlift products. We were given training on various technical aspects with both equipment demonstrations and hands-on experience provided.

Smartlift technical training.
Attendees enjoy some technical training from the experts at Smartlift.

We even got to use our skills of operating Smartlift glazing robots to demonstrate how their high precision and smooth operation are even good enough to lift bottles of water (without spillage) and to draw straight lines on a whiteboard.

Sales Training

In addition to reinforcing our technical knowledge, we were given additional sales training to help ensure our competitive edge. We looked at the market in general and how to better assist our customers during the product selection process.

Sales training is being delivered by Smartlift.

Group Activities

It wasn’t all hard work though! There were plenty of opportunities to enjoy group activities and get to know the people behind both Smartlift and the approved dealers from all over the world.

There were kayaking and group meals to enjoy, helping everyone get to wind down and get to know each other. It just goes to show how important the work/life balance should be.

Attendees enjoying a kayaking experience.
Attendees enjoy a kayaking experience.


The team thoroughly enjoyed their visit to Denmark, meeting other dealers from around the world and reinforcing their existing product knowledge whilst also learning about the upcoming innovations in Smartlift glass lifting technology.

The company would like to offer a big thank you to both Smartlift and all the dealers who attended the academy from around the world. We look forward to the opportunity of attending future Smartlift Academy events.

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