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Colchester Glazing Company Expands Operations with Smartlift SL 309 Purchase

In a strategic move to enhance its capabilities and uphold its commitment to safety, Colchester Glazing Company Ltd (CGC) recently acquired a Smartlift SL 309 Compact through Central Platform Services Ltd ( The transaction, facilitated by Liam Buckley, marks a significant milestone for CGC, helping to streamline the company’s operations and boost efficiencies, all whilst improving health and safety.

Brian Garrity and Liam Buckley sealing the deal on a new Smartlift SL 309 Outdoor Compact.
Brian Garrity and Liam Buckley sealing the deal on CGC’s new Smartlift SL 309 Compact glazing robot.

Brian Garrity, founder and Managing Director of CGC, reflected on the company’s journey and the pivotal role that the company’s new Smartlift will play in their expansion.

“At 16, I began as an apprentice at Kent Blaxill, learning glazing and crafting stained glass windows. Progressing through various roles, I entered the automotive glazing sector and later managed branches in the UK. Returning to domestic/commercial glazing, I then managed Highway Glass but felt something was amiss. In November 1999, I founded CGC as a sole trader, finding swift success. By 2001, CGC evolved into Colchester Glazing Company Ltd, expanding its family-run team. Now, after 23 years, the company has thrived, gaining a strong reputation and experiencing significant growth. The purchase of a Smartlift SL 309 allows us to continue our glazing of commercial shopfronts without the need for multiple engineers, as well as limit our manual handling, which is an important part of our health and safety ethos.”

Brian Garrity, Managing Director of CGC

The addition of the Smartlift SL 309 to CGC’s toolset exemplifies the company’s forward-thinking approach and dedication to meeting the evolving needs of its clients. As Colchester Glazing Company Ltd continues to expand its footprint in the glass and glazing industry, the SL 309 stands as a testament to its pursuit of innovation and excellence towards health and safety.

The team at CGC next to their new Smartlift glazing robot.
The team at CGC next to their new Smartlift glazing robot.

Liam Buckley,’s Smartlift Sales Executive for the UK and Ireland, had the following to say regarding Colchester Glazing’s decision to integrate the SL 309 into their workflow.

“We are thrilled to see companies like Colchester Glazing recognise the value and benefits that the new generation of Smartlift glazing robots can bring to their operations. The SL 309 is designed to meet the evolving needs of the industry, offering advanced features that streamline processes whilst also prioritising safety. Thanks again Brian for putting your trust in and Smartlift, and welcome to the Smartlift family!”

Liam Buckley, Smartlift Sales Executive UK & Ireland

About The SL 309

Don’t let the SL 309’s footprint fool you; this compact machine is a powerhouse with a lifting capacity of up to 350kg whilst still being compact enough to fit in a goods lift on-site. Its small size makes transportation effortless, and the robot is fully electric meaning zero emissions and quiet operation.

Further Information

If you are in the Colchester area and are looking for a glazing company that is fully equipped with the latest glass lifting technology then why not visit to learn more about CGC’s products and services?

For more information on the SL 309 and other Smartlift products, you can find the full Smartlift range here. Should you have any questions, you can contact the Smartlift sales team by emailing or calling 01977 643 595.

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