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Clarkes Glazing Limited Joins The Smartlift Family

Central Platform Services, the exclusive dealer of Smartlift vacuum lifting robots in the UK and Ireland, is delighted to announce the latest addition to its growing family of satisfied customers: Clarkes Glazing Limited, a prominent glazing company based in Kent.

A Smartlift glazing robot on site with Clarkes Glazing.

Liam Buckley, Smartlift Sales Executive at Central Platform Services, shared his insights on the recent collaboration with Clarkes Glazing Limited with the following statement:

“I received a call from Danny, the Director of Clarkes Glazing Limited. Danny explained the challenges he was facing with the ever-increasing size of glass installations in the industry and asked if we had a solution to his problem.

From the outset, it was evident that the Smartlift SL 608 was the perfect fit for the company’s daily operations, offering a solution to eliminate manual glass handling for Danny and his team. This not only promises greater efficiency but also enhances safety in their work environment.

After our initial conversation with Danny, we swiftly identified the SL 608 as the ideal solution for his needs. We worked together to finalise the details, and within a week, we successfully delivered the SL 608 to Kent. We took the opportunity to familiarise Danny and his team with the equipment on-site, ensuring they were ready to harness the benefits of this innovative glass lifter immediately.”

Liam Buckley, Smartlift Sales Executive at Central Platform Services

About The Smartlift SL 608 Glazing Robot

The Smartlift SL 608 is known for its reliability, efficiency, and ease of use. By embracing this technology, Clarkes Glazing Limited can look forward to smoother operations, reduced physical strain on their workforce, and improved productivity.

The Smartlift SL 608 range of glazing robots.

Central Platform Services is committed to supporting its customers in the UK and Ireland by offering state-of-the-art glass lifting solutions, and the addition of Clarkes Glazing Limited to their client portfolio is a testament to their dedication to enhancing the glazing industry.

Where Did It All Start For Clarkes Glazing Limited?

Daniel Clarke, Director of Clarkes Glazing Ltd shared the following about where it all started for his company and why he chose to invest in Smartlift glass lifting technolofy;

The Clarkes Glazing logo.

“I have been in the double-glazing industry for 18 years. I began as a labourer for my father, subcontracting to larger companies within the Southeast. Across the early years I established myself as a fitter and in 2013 decided to build up my own clientel and ceased subcontracting.

In 2016, we became a limited company and have continued to strive, even through the harder times of lockdown and sudden material shortages and price increases. Nevertheless, business continued to grow, and we have now successfully established ourselves within the double-glazing sector.

Through the change of time and current trends, glazing demand has moved to larger frames with more glass and thinner sightlines, which is why we decided to invest in Central Platform Services and Smartlift.”

Daniel Clarke, Director of Clarkes Glazing Ltd


Clarkes Glazing Limited is now well-equipped to tackle the challenges of handling increasingly larger glass installations, all thanks to their recent investment in Smartlift technology. This collaboration not only brings innovation to the forefront of the glazing business but also emphasises the importance of industry-specific solutions for enhanced performance and safety.

For more information about Central Platform Services and the range of Smartlift glass lifters, simply visit their website at

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