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Central Platform Services Welcomes Graham Lowe to The Smartlift Family

Central Platform Services would like to offer a big thank you and a very warm welcome to Graham Lowe of ‘Footprint Installations & Glasslifting LTD’ (FIG) for choosing Smartlift as his glass lifting solution.

John Burton of and Graham Lowe of FIG.

After much due diligence and an onsite demonstration, the model which best suited the company’s needs was the Smartlift SL 400 Sky Lifter. This model has proven popular in the US and Europe, but this is the first of its kind here in the UK.

The SL 400 is a remote-controlled vacuum manipulator which is usually attached to a telehandler for high reach glass installations. It boasts 12 different movements of glass manipulation with a 400 kg glass handling capacity. All movements are of millimetre precision and can be manipulated simultaneously by the battery powered remote control system.

We look forward to following Graham’s progress as he expands his business to high and low glass installations right across the UK. As an experienced glass handler and installer, Graham and his team are now able to transport the new glass lifter to site and install large, heavy glazing units for both businesses and consumers.

Graham Lowe installing a large patio unit with his new SL 400 Sky Lifter.

Graham will be joining the Smartlift team at the Birmingham FIT Show in May where his SL 400 Sky Lifter will be exhibited alongside other glazing robots available from Smartlift and

Graham had the following to say about his recent investment in Smartlift technology.

“Working with the Sky Lifter has so far been an amazing experience. The feedback we have received so far from our clients has been terrific, everyone who has seen the machine in action has been amazed by the manoeuvrability and precision it has to offer. What’s even more pleasing is the cost saving we can offer our customers as they get the job done more efficiently with far less chance of glass breakages.

I would like to thank the team at as buying the machine was a very smooth experience. We had an onsite demonstration where John and I would take turns to operate the machine so I could get a first-hand feel of its handling. The benefits were immediately apparent, so within a couple of months I am now the proud owner of my SL 400 Sky Lifter and looking forward to the continued support offered by John and his team.”

Graham Lowe, Managing Director of Footprint Home Ltd
The Smartlift demonstration with Footprint Installations & Glasslifting LTD

John Burton of had the following to add.

“It is always a pleasure to deal with companies with foresight to invest in cutting edge technology to make their business stand proud from the competition. In this case, Graham has a vast amount of experience with handling heavy glass panels and could see from the outset the benefits of adding a Sky Lifter to his toolset.

We are looking forward to supporting Graham and his team over the coming years as we see his business evolve through the use of his new Smartlift.”

John Burton, Director at
The Smartlift SL 400 Sky Lifter attached to a telehandler.

More Information

To learn more about the product or about Graham’s glass lifting services then please get in touch with a member of our team.

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