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Avant 755i Compact Loader To Enhance Site Management Operations For Paul Gibson’s Ventures

In a bid to improve the maintenance and management of their sprawling 15-acre site, Paul Gibson, the visionary behind Gibson Motor Sport and Partner of Dragon Slayer Distillery, has recently acquired an Avant 755i compact loader. The versatile machine, equipped with various attachments including the Avant hedge cutter, Avant flail mower, heavy duty forks, bucket and the Avant S30 hydraulic side arm, promises to revolutionise the way operations are carried out at their facility.

The purchase was facilitated by John Burton, Director at Central Platform Services ( – a reputable Avant loader and equipment supplier covering parts of Yorkshire, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire.

Paul Gibson and John Burton sealing the deal for the new Avant 755i compact loader.

Why The Avant 755i?

The acquisition of the Avant 755i compact loader by Paul Gibson underscores his commitment to efficient and sustainable practices across both his ventures. Gibson Motor Sport, renowned for its expertise in high-performance car tuning and modifications, demands meticulous maintenance of its expansive premises to ensure optimal performance and safety. Likewise, Dragon Slayer Distillery, known for its innovative craft gin creations, requires a well-maintained environment for the distilling process and an inviting ambience for visitors.

With its powerful engine and nimble manoeuvrability, the Avant 755i compact loader is designed to handle a wide range of tasks. Equipped with the latest hedge cutting attachment, the loader allows for precise trimming and shaping of hedges and foliage, ensuring that the site’s greenery remains well kept and aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, the Avant flail mower attachment enables efficient cutting of hawthorn and brambles, making maintenance of the site’s pathways and lawns a breeze.

Paul Gibson's new Avant 755i equipped with the latest Avant hedge cutter attachment.

One notable feature of the Avant 755i is its Avant S30 hydraulic side arm, which adds an extra dimension to the machine’s capabilities. With this attachment, Paul Gibson and his team will be able to reach high or difficult-to-access areas, such as tree branches or overhead obstacles, simplifying tasks that were previously time-consuming or labour-intensive.

John Burton, the trusted equipment supplier at facilitated the purchase of the Avant 755i compact loader, ensuring that Paul Gibson received a high-quality and reliable machine that meets the specific needs of his site. Burton’s expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction have solidified his reputation as a go-to source for premium equipment across various industries.

John Burton had the following to say about his company’s latest announcement.

“With the addition of the Avant 755i compact loader, Gibson Motor Sport and Dragon Slayer Distillery are set to enhance the efficiency and productivity of their operations. The versatile capabilities of the machine, combined with its cutting-edge attachments, will empower the team to effectively manage the 15-acre site, ensuring that both ventures continue to thrive in their respective fields. It’s been a pleasure dealing with Paul and we look forward to supporting his operations with our after-sales service offerings.”

John Burton, Director at


As Gibson Motor Sport and Dragon Slayer Distillery forge ahead, Paul Gibson’s investment in the Avant 755i compact loader demonstrates his unwavering dedication to excellence and innovation.

By embracing advanced equipment like the Avant 755i, he is poised to maintain the high standards for which his ventures are known, while streamlining operations and maintaining a pristine environment for all – let’s drink to that!

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