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Art Soars to New Heights – Scissor Lift Helps Elevate Graffiti Project in Castleford

In an innovative blend of technology and artistry, a scissor lift offered a helping hand for a unique art installation at the Kendal Drive Family Hub in Castleford, turning its walls into a canvas for breathtaking graffiti-inspired artwork.

Graffiti artist using a scissor lift for his art project.

The project took flight under the direction of Paul Jewison of This Green Moon Ltd, who saw the potential of using a scissor lift from CPSLift’s hire fleet to propel artist Danny Boyes’ graffiti visions to new heights. This artistic venture aimed to reinvent the space within the Kendal Drive Family Hub, infusing it with vibrancy and energy.

Jewison, speaking on the project, conveyed his excitement for employing such novel approaches to art creation with the following statement.

“This initiative highlights our company’s commitment to breaking new ground in art and community involvement. It’s always gratifying to see our projects come to life, especially when utilising innovative solutions like the scissor lift from CPSLift.”

Paul Jewison, This Green Moon Ltd

Danny Boyes, the creative force behind the mural, praised the scissor lift for revolutionising his painting process, acknowledging the following.

“The scissor lift significantly streamlined my work process compared to using traditional scaffolding, helping me to concentrate on the artistic aspect and push the envelope of conventional mural art even further than before.”

Danny Boyes, Graffiti Artist
Graffiti artist Danny Boyes standing next to the Snorkel scissor lift provided by

John Burton, Director of, shared his enthusiasm about the project’s successful outcome by adding the following.

“Witnessing our equipment play a crucial role in such a significant and beautiful project was incredibly fulfilling. Danny’s mural will play a vital role in helping to enrich the lives of local children whilst enhancing community cohesion within Castleford.”

John Burton, Director at Central Platform Services Ltd (

The mural at the Kendal Drive Family Hub now serves as a vivid testament to the synergy of community, creativity, and innovation. It not only beautifies the community space but also stands as an inspirational symbol of how technology and artistic vision can merge to create something truly remarkable.

A selection of paints used during the project.

For further insights into This Green Moon Ltd and their inventive projects, their website offers more information. Details about the Kendal Drive Family Hub and its community initiatives can also be found on Facebook, inviting the public to discover and engage with their community efforts.

More information on CPSLift’s hire fleet can be found here with further information on hiring a scissor lift in and around the Pontefract and Castleford area available at

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