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SL 1008 Outdoor

New Glazing Robots
SL 1008 Outdoor
Smartlift Glazing Robots

The SL 1008 Outdoor is our largest lift and combines maximum lifting power with an impressive reach. Large window sections are easily and precisely handled using the multifunctional, rotary head.

A wireless remote controls all functions and offers freedom of movement for the operator. Tires are wide and poly-filled puncture proof. The lift has a proportional hydraulic system that enables the operator to control the arm very precisely so that small adjustments of the controls results in small movements of the yoke and arm.

SL 1008 Outdoor Data Sheet
  • Wireless remote control
  • Wide tyres, poly-filled and puncture proof

Smartlift glazing robots are available with a wide range of optional accessories. We have a page dedicated to these optional extras here.

Arm Extension2 x 830 mm
Max Mounting Height4.4 m
Lifting Capacity1000 kg / 330 kg
Suction Pads6 x Ø400mm / Ø16 in
Weight1300 kg
Length3.3 m
Width1.5 m
Height1.49 m
Power OptionsBatteries (4 x 134 Ah AGM)