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Why Size Isn’t Everything: Exploring The Benefits of The Avant 200 Series Loader

When it comes to compact loaders, Avant stands out as an industry leader. Among the brand’s exceptional line up is the 200 series compact loader which is a true testament to Avant’s innovation in delivering a small compact loader that still packs a punch.

An Avant 200 series loader outside HQ!
Mark Trueman,’s Area Sales Executive For Avant

With a wide variety of options and attachments catering to the needs of various industries such as farming, forestry, landscaping and construction, the 200 series loader is an indispensable tool, capable of working all year round.

Read on to discover why size isn’t everything when it comes to the Avant 200 series!

Unmatched Versatility

The 200 series boasts an impressive arsenal of attachments, ensuring that no matter the season or task, there’s a tool suited to the job. Whether you’re moving heavy loads, clearing debris, or even maintaining lawns, these loaders prove to be more than just machines – they’re adaptable workhorses relied on by many.

Articulated Steer & Permanent 4-Wheel Drive!

Yes, that’s right, 200 series loaders come with articulated steering and permanent four wheel drive as standard! Thanks to this, navigating through challenging terrain is a breeze with enhanced manoeuvrability and stability, making this mini compact loader a reliable choice even in demanding conditions.

With its small footprint, the loader also causes the least amount of stress to the surfaces it operates on such as lawns, AstroTurf and paved areas.

Comfortable Yet Functional

Stepping into the spacious cockpit of the Avant 200 series, you are immediately greeted with a sense of comfort and control. The generous legroom and well-designed layout creates an ergonomic environment that minimises operator fatigue during extended work periods. The suspension seat, complete with armrests, not only adds an extra layer of comfort but also contributes to operator efficiency.

The cockpit of the Avant 200 series loader.
The cockpit of the Avant 200 series loader.

The hydrostatic four-wheel drive system further enhances ease of use, ensuring smooth operation for operators of all experience levels. The inclusion of LED work lights both at the front and rear of the loader ensures that work can continue regardless of the lighting conditions.

A Powerful Duo

The 200 series is available in two distinct models; the Avant 220 and the more powerful Avant 225. Both models are equipped with Kohler Stage V engines, providing an output of 20-25hp. With a hydraulic flow of 42 Litres per minute and a top speed of 10 kph, these loaders pack a punch whilst still maintaining efficiency.

The Avant 225
The 200 series is available in two versions; the 220 and the 225.

Lifting heavy loads is a breeze with either model as they both boast a lifting height of 1.4 meters. Despite this impressive performance, both loaders remain lightweight at 700kg, making them ideal for traversing grass and other delicate surfaces without causing damage.

Customisation At Your Fingertips

Tailoring the 200 series capabilities to specific requirements is effortless with a choice of tractor tires or grass tires as standard. This adaptability ensures optimal performance while minimising the impact on various types of terrain.

From standard attachments like forks and buckets to specialised implements for grass cutting and brushing, the Avant 200 series covers a spectrum of applications. Whether you’re tackling construction projects, landscaping, or snow removal, these loaders have the versatility to excel.

Avant 200 series loaders.
The Avant 200 series can be fitted with a wide range of attachments.

Quality & Reliability

Avant’s commitment to quality is underscored by the generous manufacturer’s warranty, which extends up to 5 years. The company’s range of loaders are renowned for their reliability, helping to keep you running with minimal downtime.


In the world of compact loaders, the Avant 200 series stands as a shining example of innovation, power, and versatility. With its impressive range of attachments, ergonomic design, and reliable performance, these loaders often exceed expectations, empowering operators to tackle a multitude of tasks with ease.

Whether you choose the Avant 220 or the Avant 225, you will be investing in a machine that’s more than capable – a machine that will become a true partner in your productivity.

With immediate availability across the UK and the option for demonstrations through in Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire, and Humberside, why not get in touch to arrange a suitable date to experience the Avant 200 series’ prowess first-hand?

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