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Why Choose a Smartlift Glazing Robot?

Following the purchase of their Smartlift SL608 HLE RT glazing robot, we caught up with Birmingham based window, door, rooflight and architectural glazing specialist Renka Ltd to ask why they chose Smartlift and Central Platform Services.

Company Director Neil Warburton talked us through the motives behind their investment.

Why Smartlift?

We’ve hired Smartlift glazing robots from Central Platform Services in the past and always been impressed with the robots capabilities and how its simplified our work.

How Has Smartlift Helped Your Business?

The Smartlift Glazing Robot has taken care of our heavy glass lifting activities on site and in the factory. It’s allowed us to substantially reduce manual handling and utilise our staff more effectively for other jobs. We now have less health and safety concerns, the glazing robot successfully manages that risk.

Has Smartlift Changed The Way You Think About Manual Handling?

Yes – We now avoid manual handling where possible and use our glazing robot.


Smartlift glazing robots are changing the way people think about manual handling. It provides a safe alternative to manage occupational risks and makes the impossible glass lift possible!

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Images kindly supplied by Renka Ltd

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