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What’s New on the Next Generation SL 409 Outdoor Glazing Robots from Smartlift

Smartlift recently announced the SL 409 Outdoor series as a next generation glazing robot that’s designed to improve upon the SL 408 Outdoor. With a range of new and improved features, it’s important to understand the difference between the SL 408 and SL 409.

The SL 409 Outdoor installing a pane of glass.

Let’s take a closer look at what’s new on the next generation SL 409 Outdoor and see how the new features will benefit those in the glass and glazing industry.

Product Dimensions

With the SL 409 Outdoor, Smartlift has been able to reduce the length between the front and back axles when compared with the SL 408 Outdoor. This allows for a tighter turning circle which can be beneficial on building sites and other areas with restrictive access.

Another notable difference in product dimensions is the slightly reduced height of 1580mm on the SL 409, helping to make transportation of the unit slightly easier.
These improved dimensions result in better manoeuvrability on site – a key factor for glass and glazing companies.

New & Improved Vacuum System

The SL 409 Outdoor has introduced remote control of the vacuum system, allowing the operator to stand away from the unit whilst mounting and releasing glass and other non-porous materials using a handy remote control.

This innovation highlights Smartlift’s commitment to improving safety during the installation of large glazing units, facades and other materials.

Auto Levelling Feature

The SL 409 Outdoor has introduced a new auto levelling feature that can now be turned off at the owner’s discretion. With the operator now able to choose if/when they use the auto levelling feature, Smartlift has been able to enhance health and safety without making the SL 409 too restrictive when it comes to the operator’s requirements for glass installation.

Gel Battery Packs

With the SL 409 Outdoor, Smartlift has gone out of its way to help increase reliability. The company has opted to install gel battery packs in all SL 409’s, with the aim of providing a more reliable solution than AGM batteries and a longer lifespan.

Trackunit App

As with other next generation Smartlift’s, the SL 409 Outdoor introduces the Smartlift Trackunit app, helping to connect you and your equipment. With the help of the Trackunit app, you can now track your Smartlift and view remote diagnostics to check how the machine is operating.

This feature is especially popular with hire companies, enabling them to offer an enhanced level of service to their customers, whilst protecting their fleet with the help of tracking and geofencing functionality.

Other Notable Improvements

Other notable improvements on the SL 409 Outdoor include the ability to save glazing install positions via the remote control. These positions can then be retrieved for repeated mounting of windows and doors, helping to reduce operator involvement and the potential for error. This feature can be disabled should the operator prefer to install manually each time.

There is now also an easy to reach emergency stop button complete with light tower that indicates the correct operation of the machine and any errors such as low vacuum pressure or other system/operational issues.

The new light tower provides a clear visual alert, allowing the operator to quickly check whether the machine is operating correctly and within the designed limits. This can help notify the operator of potential issues before it’s too late.


The new SL 409 Outdoor builds on top of what is already a strong performing SL 408 Outdoor glazing robot offering from Smartlift. The new features and improvements detailed above are testament to Smartlift’s commitment to innovation and will be highly attractive to glass and glazing companies up and down the UK, along with façade installers and those working with other compatible materials.

This next generation product range is already proving to be popular with our customers across the UK and Ireland. If you feel the new SL 409 Outdoor could be the right fit for your glass and glazing business, why not get in touch with our sales team today and arrange an onsite demonstration of Smartlift’s vacuum lifting equipment? Simply call us on 01977 643 595, or email us at to get things moving.

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