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What’s New In The Latest Smartlift SL 1008 Outdoor Glazing Robot

Smartlift recently launched a new SL 1008 glazing robot – a giant glass lifter capable of lifting up to 1000kg. Let’s take a look at the new features of this model and highlight some of the benefits this heavyweight glass lifter can offer to window installers across the UK and Ireland.

The all new Smartlift SL 1008 glazing robot.


There are many similarities within the Smartlift family but what sets the SL 1008 aside from the rest is its superior lifting capacity of up to 1000kg, upgraded software and truly cordless remote controls which allow the user to position themselves at a safe distance either inside or outside the building.

SL 1008 New Features & Benefits

Let’s take a closer look at the new and improved features that the Smartlift SL 1008 has to offer. Large glass manipulation has never been so safe and easy!

Wireless Controls

With earlier models such as the SL 408 and SL 608, positioning was limited as the controls were attached to the machine. With the new wireless controls on the SL 1008, everything can be done from a distance including vacuuming onto and releasing the glazing units.

The operators view of the SL 1008 glass lifting robot.
The wireless controls on the new SL 1008

The wireless controls feature a dual push-button control to ensure panels of glass cannot be released accidentally. In the past, this was done by pushing a slide valve connected to the rear of the machine.

Beacon Overload

Based on a traffic light system, the beacon is visible on the top of the machine and gives users extra peace of mind when lifting oversized glazing units. The load sensor accurately measures the load and feeds the information back to the computer to determine the maximum possible outreach.

The beacon overload indicator on the new Smartlift SL 1008.
The beacon overload indicator on the new SL 1008

With a quick glance, the operator can see the red, amber and green lights giving a decisive and clear indication as to whether or not the glazing robot is overloaded.

Suction Pads

Rather than coming with a standard set of four suction pads, the SL 1008 comes with a set of six, with each covering an area of 400mm. This makes the SL 1008 capable of lifting up to 1000kg.

One of the six suction pads on the new SL 1008 glazing robot.
One of the six suction pads on the new SL 1008

Once the glass is vacuumed onto the suction cups, it has a vacuum redundancy line so the glass is well and truly connected to the machine until the operator decides to release it.

Pressure Gauge

Another user-friendly improvement is that the pressure gauge is now located on the detachable remote control handset. This allows the operator to have a permanent visual vacuum indicator wherever they are positioned.

The detachable remote control handset on the new SL 1008.
The detachable remote control handset on the new SL 1008

Other models also have a good reliable indicator, but these are fixed to the machine and therefore aren’t quite as convenient as the new implementation on the Smartlift SL 1008.

Emergency Stop

Although you have an emergency stop button located on all Smartlift glazing robots, the operator has to be within reach of the machine in order to activate it. Another benefit of the cordless remote control handset on the new SL 1008 is that the operator now has this situated on the handset itself, providing additional peace of mind should they have to call a sudden stop for whatever reason.

The emergency stop button on the new SL 1008 handset.
The additional emergency stop button on the remote control handset of the new SL 1008

SL 1008 Glazing Robot Specifications

Below you can find the specifications of the new Smartlift SL 1008 glass lifting robot.

  • Lift Capacity: 1000kg
  • Lifting Height: 4400mm
  • Side Shift: 100mm
  • Battery: 4 x 134 AH
  • Charging Time: Approx. 8 hours
  • Running Period: Up to 8 hours
  • Front-Wheel Drive: 2000W AC
  • Suction Pads: 6 x 400mm
  • Width: 1010mm
  • Curb Weight: 1480kg
  • Ingress Protection: IP65 outdoor rated


Although the new Smartlift SL 1008 Outdoor weighs in at 1480kg and is 2350mm wide (with outriggers deployed), don’t let this trick you into thinking it will be difficult to operate and manoeuvre. With two separate speed settings located on the handset offering automatic extension and rotation of the boom, the operator benefits from the unrivalled versatility and manoeuvrability this machine has to offer, making it every business owner’s dream.

With a lift height of nearly 4.5 metres and a 1-tonne capacity, this glass lifting giant will be a real asset to any glass handling professional who is lifting and manipulating heavy windows and doors.

For more information, you can contact our Smartlift professionals at or give us a call on 01977 643 595. We offer onsite demonstrations, new equipment sales, glazing robot hire/rental and a full suite of after-sales support services to help keep you up and running.

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