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The Multi-Functional Compact Loader That’s Perfect For Farming

Across the variety of farm types and sizes in the UK, the Avant compact loader has found its niche. Whilst an Avant may not rival the larger machinery typically associated with agriculture, its compact nature coupled with multi-functional capabilities makes it a valuable companion for the everyday farmer.

Here’s a dive into why this innovative compact loader might be the ideal fit for farmyards across the country.

Master of Bale Handling

Bales are ubiquitous in the farming industry, especially in sectors related to livestock and arable farming. Even though Avant loaders are compact by design, when the appropriate model is equipped with a bale handler, grab or fork attachment, the loader can handle even the heftiest of bales with ease.

For farms that require bale content access, the loader’s bale splitter becomes an indispensable tool, ensuring efficient usage with minimal wastage.

Streamlined Feed & Bedding Distribution

Ensuring an even and timely feed distribution is paramount in livestock farming. The feed mover screws and bedding distributor attachments of the Avant loader are perfect when it comes to this type of work. Even in the tightest corners of a farmyard, this nimble machinery ensures that feed distribution is a straightforward task.

Keeping Farms Spick and Span

Farm cleanliness isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s vital for the health of both crops and livestock. Avant’s own range of cleaning blades and brooms can navigate even congested spaces, clearing debris, and ensuring a clean and safe environment.

Efficient Manure and Sileage Management

Manure and sileage management is a routine yet vital task. With its manure and sileage forks, the Avant compact loader turns this chore into a breeze. When it’s time to distribute, the sileage dispenser attachment comes into its own, making sure livestock get their nutritional needs catered to, especially during the UK’s colder months.

The All-Rounder of the Farmyard

What truly sets the Avant loader apart is its sheer versatility. With an array of over 200 attachments, it can adapt to a multitude of tasks, both on and off the farmyard. From the smallest to the slightly more demanding jobs, it’s ready to tackle them all without consuming the space of larger farming equipment.

Avant farming machinery and attachments.


In conclusion, while an Avant loader might not dominate the landscape with its compact size, its practicality for the everyday tasks of the UK farming industry is undeniable. It’s proof that sometimes, smaller tools can make the biggest difference in agriculture.

Are you a farmer wanting to learn more about how an Avant loader could help transform the way you work? If so, why not get in touch with one of our experts to discuss your needs and arrange a free, no obligation onsite demonstration? Simply call us on 01977 643 595, or email us at

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