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The Key Differences Between Indoor & Outdoor Smartlift Models

Smartlift offer a comprehensive range of indoor and outdoor glazing robots, providing lifting solutions for all types of glass and glazing businesses. Whether you are a glass manufacturer looking to avoid manual handling during production, or an installer fitting windows, sliding doors, bi-folding doors and curtain walling – Smartlift have you covered!

So, what are the main differences between Smartlift’s range of indoor and outdoor models? Let’s take a look.

Indoor Vs Outdoor Models

The following table compares the key features of Smartlift’s indoor and outdoor range. This provides a handy comparison of how indoor glazing robots compare to outdoor versions.

Indoor Outdoor
  • Solid rubber tyres
  • Puncture proof
  • All terrain tyres
  • Foam filled and puncture proof
  • 2 x Narrow front wheels
  • 1 x Rear wheel

  • 2 x Wide front wheels
  • 2 x Wide rear wheels

  • Chassis width – 720mm – 780mm (model dependent)
  • Chassis length – 1670mm – 2640mm (model dependent)
  • Chassis width – 820mm – 1010mm (model dependent)
  • Chassis length – 2490mm – 3300mm (model dependent)
  • 480kg – 810kg (model dependent)
  • 630kg -1300kg (model dependent)
  • Rear wheel drive
  • Power output – 700w – 1000w (model dependent)
  • Front wheel drive
  • Power output – 1200w – 2000w (model dependent)


Before choosing your Smartlift, think about what surfaces it will operate on and whether there are any space restrictions.

An indoor Smartlift glazing robot comes into its own working on flat slab surfaces such as concrete. Its short and narrow chassis coupled with a powerful rear-wheel motor allows it to work effectively in restricted spaces and turn at acute angles. It is the perfect solution for internal glazing or glass lifting in a factory or glass production environment.

Outdoor Smartlift models accommodate trickier glass lifts where stability on terrain is key. Its rugged front-wheel-drive system with four wide profile all-terrain tyres make installing windows, sliding doors, bi-folding doors and curtain walling a much easier prospect!

For further information on Smartlift glass lifting equipment including detailed specifications click here.

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