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The Advantages of Tracked Spider Access Platforms – A Closer Look at CTE TRACCESS Products

When it comes to working at height, the choice of equipment can significantly impact the efficiency and safety of the task at hand. Tracked spider platforms, such as those from the CTE TRACCESS range, offer a range of benefits over traditional wheeled cherry pickers. This blog post takes a close look into these advantages, explaining why tracked platforms are becoming increasingly popular across various industries.

The TRACCESS 230 tracked spider platform from CTE.

Enhanced Mobility & Accessibility

One of the standout features of tracked spider access platforms is their superior mobility. Unlike traditional cherry pickers, which are limited to relatively flat and solid surfaces due to their wheeled design, tracked spider platforms like the CTE TRACCESS series can traverse and operate on a wide range of terrain including uneven ground and slopes.

The tracked design of this type of platform also distributes the weight more evenly, reducing ground pressure and increasing accessibility to challenging sites. Tracked platforms can often also be used on fragile surfaces where heavier wheeled vehicles might cause damage.

Compact Design & Manoeuvrability

CTE TRACCESS platforms are renowned for their compact design. This makes them particularly useful in confined or restricted spaces where traditional cherry pickers might not fit. The spider-like legs of these platforms can be deployed in tight areas, allowing for precise positioning and manoeuvrability. Their compact design does not compromise on reach or capacity as these platforms can extend to considerable heights, comparable to larger cherry pickers.

The compact nature of CTE TRACCESS products also means many of the smaller variants can fit through narrow openings such as pedestrian gates and alleyways. This makes the task of manoeuvring the access platform to the desired location in confined spaces a much smoother process.

Stability & Safety

Safety is paramount whenever working at height is concerned, and this is yet another area where tracked spider platforms excel. The stabilisation system in the CTE TRACCESS range involves outriggers that extend to provide a stable base, adapting to the terrain in order to ensure safe operation, even on uneven ground. This stability is crucial when working at height, particularly in areas where wind or other external factors might pose a risk to the operator or those within the operating area of the platform.


Tracked spider access platforms are not limited to construction or maintenance work. Their versatility makes them suitable for a wide range of industries and applications, from tree surgery and architectural inspections to filming and event management. The ability to access hard-to-reach areas without causing damage to the surrounding environment makes them ideal for sensitive sites like historical buildings and landscaped gardens.

Reduced Environmental Impact

Whilst this aspect is dependant on the make and model of your platform, the CTE TRACCESS range includes eco-friendly electric models such as the 170 E and 230 E. With electric motors, these models not only minimise noise pollution but also eliminate carbon emissions during operation. This eco-friendly aspect is increasingly important for companies looking to adhere to environmental regulations and sustainability goals. It’s also important for those working with access equipment indoors or in confined spaces with poor ventilation.

Comparison With Traditional Cherry Pickers

While traditional cherry pickers with wheels instead of tracks continue to have their place in the access industry, tracked spider platforms offer clear advantages in more challenging situations. The key differences lie in their ability to navigate and operate on diverse terrains with their enhanced stability and safety features.


Designed and manufactured by CTE, the TRACCESS range of tracked spider access platforms represents a significant advancement in aerial work platform technology. Their adaptability to various terrains and environments, combined with their safety and environmental benefits, makes them a superior choice in many scenarios where traditional cherry pickers might fall short.

As industries continue to evolve and demand more versatile and sustainable access equipment, tracked spider platforms are set to become an increasingly common sight in a wide range of working environments.

Should you be interested in tracked platforms from the CTE TRACCESS range then our experts would be happy to discuss your requirements so why not get in touch for further information?

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