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Smartlift – The Glass Lifting Equipment for Professionals

Glass and glazing professionals across the UK are often required to lift large, heavy glazing units into position so they can be installed manually. This process introduces various challenges including the risk of injury from manual handling and the possibility of breakages to occur. For these reasons, many professionals have turned to the use of Smartlift glass lifting equipment – a revolutionary alternative to manual handling.

Vacuum lifting equipment for glass made by Smartlift.
A Smartlift glass lifting robot.

With the full range of Smartlift glazing robots available for hire or purchase direct from, we thought we’d offer our take on how these machines have emerged as a key player in the glass and glazing industry of the UK.

Where Smartlift Stands Out

Smartlift are pioneers when it comes to vacuum lifting technology and were one of the first manufacturers to introduce glazing robots to the UK market. Smartlift products are renowned for their sturdy design and sophisticated technology, offering a robust alternative to the manual handling of most non-porous materials.

Here are some of the main features and benefits of Smartlift glazing robots:

  • Precision Handling – Smartlift glazing robots are engineered to manoeuvre glass with precision accuracy which is crucial for the correct installation of many of the glass and glazing products available in the UK today.
  • Safety Features – With a dual vacuum system and lots of other safety systems in place, Smartlift equipment helps to ensure safety for the operator and those working in the vicinity of the glazing robot.
  • Versatility – Although we refer to them as glazing robots, Smartlift products are able to lift most non-porous materials such as insulated panels, granite, marble and sheet metal. This makes them a highly versatile lifting solution for professionals from different industries.
  • Ease of Use – Focusing on user experience, Smartlift glazing robots are quick and easy to operate. Operators can be trained in a short space of time, helping to make the most out of your investment.

Popular Smartlift Models Available from

As the exclusive dealer/distributor of Smartlift products in the UK and Ireland, we offer their full range of models along with a comprehensive after-sales support service. Some of the models popular with our UK and Ireland customers include the following:

  • SL 309 Outdoor Compact – A compact yet powerful glazing robot, ideal for space-restricted work sites.
  • SL 409 Outdoor – A cutting-edge glazing robot offering millimetre precision and a lifting capacity of up to 430kg.
  • SL 609 Outdoor – Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and available in variants with lifting capacities of up to 600kg.
  • SL 1009 Outdoor – The largest robot in the range, perfect for large-scale projects with a lifting capacity of up to 1000kg.


For professionals in the glazing industry, selecting the right lifting equipment is essential to stay ahead of the competition and meet the demands of modern construction projects. Whether you’re installing windows and doors to a residential building or a façade to a commercial high-rise, Smartlift glazing robots offer a superior mix of performance, safety, and flexibility.

Integrating modern lifting equipment into your glass and glazing operations can drastically improve both safety and efficiency, helping to accelerate projects through to completion whilst reducing labour costs and minimising the risk of injury associated with manual handling practices.

With the evolving landscape of architectural design, the reliance on advanced lifting tools like Smartlift is set to grow. Exploring the product offering is a proactive step for any professional aiming to enhance their glazing capabilities.

For detailed advice and support tailored to your specific lifting requirements, why not get in touch with our Smartlift experts today? We’re a friendly bunch and are always happy to assist, helping you secure the best tools for your projects in what is a highly competitive glazing industry.

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