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Smartlift Advent Countdown For 2019

This year’s Xmas countdown of 24 great reasons, in a nutshell, to choose Smartlift Glazing Robots.

  1. Improves Health and Safety – H&S is paramount to all good business models, so it’s number one on our advent list. Smartlift seriously reduces if not removes the need for manual handling flat heavy objects. Manual handling will soon become a thing of the past and in the future, we will turn to the mechanical equipment best known as robots.
  2. Improves work efficiency – Using the right equipment is far more efficient than simply putting more men on the job. A robot correctly positioned in the workplace will outlift and out carry many humans. Of course, we still need our human skills to operate and think on our feet in challenging situations so humans and robots in harmony is the most efficient method.
Work Related Ill Health Chart
  1. Increases profits – I’d love to think that all Smartlift robots were sold on health & safety, but the reality is that we would not sell many at all if they didn’t increase profits. Our clients often tell us that in less than 12 months the Smartlift has often paid for itself. It appears that whichever new government is formed for the UK, British wages are on the increase, making it more difficult for businesses to make a profit. This further expense can often be mitigated against by using up to date machinery. I might also add that when we improve our health & safety, we usually cut down our costs of absenteeism and insurance claims by injured parties. With all this in mind, ask yourself ‘how can a Smartlift increase my profits?’.
Glazing installation workers.
  1. Reliability –  You can rely on your Smartlift 7 days a week. It’s not going to call in sick or be late. It’s guaranteed to spring into action at your command at short notice. From a full charge, the sealed for life batteries will give a full day’s work whatever the weather. The Smartlift will need an annual thorough examination and service which can normally be done at your own premises at your convenience. The vacuum system has 100% redundancy so you can be confident the glass is safe. The Smartlift is an uncomplicated machine with little to cause problems. Your customers depend on you and you can rely on Smartlift!
  2. It’s a great advert for your clients and for you to outshine your competitors – What better way to show to your clients your professionalism than by turning up with the right tools. The Smartlift not only performs great but its eye-catching colour and design are a real head-turner, especially when it’s at work lifting glass. Passers-by gaup and take photo’s as you single-handedly lift large heavy units into position with milometer precision. To me, this is smart advertising which comes free with every Smartlift. Why not use it?!
  3. Lifting capacities from 200 to 1000KG – Smartlift offers a generous range of glazing robots. The smallest of our range will lift and handle 208KGs and is compact and light enough to move in a personnel elevator. The largest of our models is the SL1008 Giant. We have several models in between to satisfy most glass handling challenges.
A range of Smartlift robots.
  1. Lift and carrying loads up to 1000KG’s – All of our robots can lift, carry and manipulate their load with milometer accuracy. So, for side-shuffle shop fronts to industrial pocket glazing, domestic sliding patios and Bi-folding doors. Let Smartlift take the Pane!
  2. Easy to transport – All our glazing robots can be transported in the back of a transit style van. Machines up to the Smartlift SL608 will ride inside a medium roof, medium wheelbase and the larger SL808 and SL1008 will require a long wheelbase van. We can supply a purpose-built ramp for any van. The ramp can also be used to travel up steps and over footings which could normally pose a challenge.
Smartlift robots are easily transported.
  1. Ease of use – The operating system of any Smartlift is very simple to use. The functions are operated with a handheld remote system that controls smooth and precise movements of the vacuum head. Driving is just as simple with forward and reverse paddles which stop when you let go. With a little familiarisation with glass movements and manipulation could not be safer and simpler.
  2. Familiarisation from experts with every purchase – We always offer familiarisation to every CPS Smartlift customer. We want to make sure that you and your team are comfortable and competent with the equipment. That way you will get the best in return.
  3. Ability to cope with rough terrain. Smartlift builds an excellent range of models to cope with rugged building sites and soft or gravely terrain. With a front-wheel-drive system and up to 2000-watt motor provides ample power for traction and gradeability. Compared with other glass lifting robots, the rear tyres a doubled up to prevent sinking and steer-lock, this makes for safe and stable manoeuvres even when carrying the load.
Smartlift robots can operate on tough terrain.
  1. Narrow range to fit through domestic doors – Starting at 620mm width the Smartlift will fit through even the tightest of both commercial and domestic doorways. The SL280 indoor is specifically designed for narrow access and can lift and carry its full load capacity at this narrow width. Next up the SL380midi, again very compact at 650mm wide with a lift/carry capacity of 380kg. To remove manual handling in the most confined work areas then look at the Smartlift Compact range.
  2. Eco-friendly with pure electric dynamics – We all like to do our bit for the environment and by adding Smartlift you can do much more. Smartlift electronic technology is far more efficient than hydrostatic. Soil contamination from oil leaks is not possible on our compact range as it is an oil-free system.
  3. Not just for glass! – Today I have many enquiries for lifting materials other than glass. From modular home builders to dry liners and plasterboard, to steel and stone. If the material is flat and not too porous, we can most likely handle it just as we do with glass.
Smartlift robots lifting other materials such as plasterboard.
  1. Excellent support over the UK and Ireland – All machines sold in the UK are very well supported by time served engineers at Our engineers are well versed with Nordic machinery and exclusively support Smartlift, Bronto Skylift, Dinolift, Avant, Leguan and Falcon lift throughout the UK.
  2. 1-years warranty on all machines – New Smartlift robots are sold with one year’s warranty supported by the guys at CPS keep a stock of parts and promise to keep any downtime to a minimum in the unfortunate event of a breakdown.
  3. Expert sales advice when looking to purchase – If you’re looking to invest in a glazing robot and not sure about which models would give you the best return, you can call one of our advisors who will offer friendly advice with no obligation. When the choice has been defined, we will bring the machine to you for a hands-on demonstration. If you do make the purchase you will be sure it’s the right choice, or ‘smart choice’ as Smartlift would say.
  4. Smartlift hire partners across the UK – If you’re not using regularly and then hiring can prove a practical solution. Smartlift has a wide range of hire partners up and down the country with a variety of models that can be rented out as self-operated or with one of our experienced operatives. Whether it’s for a day, a week, a month or a year. Give us a call and we’ll get you sorted.
  5. List of accessories to choose from – To get even more from your Smartlift you can choose from our wide range of accessories. Everything from pallet forks, ramps, lifting hooks to an array of different suction cups for many different applications.
Accessories available on Smartlift glazing robots.
  1. Available in your own corporate colours – Although a new Smartlift looks fantastic in either the factory orange or the indoor silver and red, you can have your machine factory finished in your own corporate colour scheme.
  2. No cost no obligation demos at your location – Just give us a bell and ask for a demo at your own premises. We just love showing you or your clients the benefit of Smarter Glazing.
  3. Full bespoke finance packages available from your dealer – We offer bespoke and competitive finance packages on all our equipment, whether it be new or used. Our partners at #ClearAssetFinance will do the legwork on your behalf and make your purchase easy.
  4. Constant new innovations from a forward-thinking manufacturer – Each year Smartlift re-invests a significant proportion of profit into research and development. Follow Smartlift year upon year as their new innovations and new models materialise. Smartlift listen to clients across the globe so are often ahead of the trend.
  5. Think of all the positive reasons to choose Smartlift and give your staff the present they deserve to help your business – Thanks for following our 2019 Smartlift countdown. May I take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous new year!

For further information on any of our products, please contact us.

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