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Smartlift SL 309 Outdoor compact glazing robot.

The Compact Glass Lifting Robot That’s Perfect For Tight Construction Sites

In an era driven by technological advancements and a growing emphasis on site safety, innovative solutions are constantly...

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10 Uses For A Compact Loader

Compact loaders, also known as mini-loaders, are powerful and adaptable machines used across a variety of industries...

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Access platform licensing requirements.

License Requirements For Operating Scissor Lifts & Cherry Pickers In The UK

Scissor lifts, cherry pickers and other types of mobile elevating work platforms (MEWP’s), are versatile and efficient...

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A scissor lift available for hire from

Tips On Operating A Scissor Lift Safely

Scissor lifts are a useful access solution suited to a wide range of activities. Whether using a scissor lift for...

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Smartlift SL 609 Outdoor

How Does The Smartlift SL 609 Outdoor Glazing Robot Compare To The SL 608 Outdoor?

It’s now just over six months since the launch of the SL 609 Outdoor glazing robot from Smartlift with the model proving...

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The SL 409 Outdoor installing a pane of glass.

What’s New on the Next Generation SL 409 Outdoor Glazing Robots from Smartlift

Smartlift recently announced the SL 409 Outdoor series as a next generation glazing robot that’s designed to improve upon...

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The all new Smartlift SL 1008 glazing robot.

What’s New In The Latest Smartlift SL 1008 Outdoor Glazing Robot

Smartlift recently launched a new SL 1008 glazing robot – a giant glass lifter capable of lifting up to 1000kg. Let’s...

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How To Choose The Right Cherry Picker For The Job

If you are looking to hire or purchase a cherry picker (or any other type of access platform for that matter), then it is...

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The Benefits of Mini Compact Excavators

In this blog, we will focus on some of the benefits of mini compact excavators, also known as 'mini diggers'. Men have long...

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