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Manoeuvring 150kg Acoustic Doors With The Help of Smartlift

Manual handling is a dilemma for many window and door manufacturers. Wherever you turn there is heavy lifting – Triple glazed units, acoustic glass, acoustic doors, fire rated doors, security doors – The list is endless…

One of our clients recently found themselves in a tricky situation trying to lift and manoeuvre 150kg acoustic doors through their assembly process. They have overhead vacuum lifting equipment in the factory, but due to layout and space constraints, it was not possible to use this. Manual handling was the only option, and the business wanted a more safe and effective alternative.

We were able to demonstrate the perfect solution with our Smartlift glazing robot. The robot could adapt to different lifting positions with its telescopic arm and head tilt functions. In addition, its narrow chassis allowed it to successfully manoeuvre through the tight factory.

The following graphics demonstrate how the robot was able to meet the needs of our client.

Step 1

The door arrives in the assembly department and needs lifting from the trolley.

Step 1.

Step 2

The door needs putting on the workbench.

Step 2.

Step 3

The door needs to be lifted from the workbench and put onto a pallet.

Step 3.


Manual handling avoided, health and safety risks managed, and operational efficiency improved – A win for everyone involved!

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