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How Does The Smartlift SL 609 Outdoor Glazing Robot Compare To The SL 608 Outdoor?

It’s now just over six months since the launch of the SL 609 Outdoor glazing robot from Smartlift with the model proving popular right across the UK. One question we’re often asked by our customers is how the SL 609 Outdoor compares to the SL 608 Outdoor and which model would be best for their needs.

Smartlift SL 609 Outdoor
The next generation SL 609 Outdoor

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at how the next generation SL 609 Outdoor compares to the SL 608 Outdoor, taking a look at the key differences to help you make an informed decision as to which version is right for you, regardless of whether you’re lifting glass or other nonporous materials.

Similarities Between Both Glazing Robots

Whilst the SL 609 is designed to be a next generation version of the SL 608, it still shares many of the same similarities. Both glass lifters are suitable for either indoor or outdoor use and feature an off-road chassis, front wheel drive, dual rear tyres, foam filled tyres, electronic brake and an ip65 waterproof rating.

The similarities don’t stop there, however. Both the SL 609 and SL 608 are based on the same vacuum lifting robot design from Smartlift – with a dual vacuum circuit and two pumps for added safety, along with 4 x Ø400mm (4 x Ø16 inch) suction pads. They even feature the same width of 830mm, making either model easily transportable inside a medium sized van.

Key Differences Between The SL 609 & SL 608

So, what makes the SL 609 glazing robot different to the SL 608, and which model would be best for your needs? Let’s take a look at how the model variants and features/functionality compare.

Model Variants

Smartlift offers a range of variants across their glass lifting robot model range, with some base models featuring as many as four variants. As an example, the SL 608 Outdoor is available in the following variants:

  • SL 608 Outdoor – The standard entry-level model.
  • SL 608 Outdoor High Lifter (HL) – Featuring a manually extendable arm, capable of lifting even higher than the entry-level model.
  • SL 608 Outdoor High Lifter Electric (HLE) – The same as the high lifter but with electronic extension of the arm.
  • SL 608 Outdoor High Lifter Electric Rotation (HLE RT) – The same as the high lifter electric but with the addition of electric rotation of the yoke for even greater flexibility.

The SL 609 Outdoor, however, is only available in the HL, HLE and HLE RT variants. This is due to the SL 609 been designed as a next generation offering from Smartlift including high lifter ability as standard on all model variants.

Next Generation Features Of The SL 609 Outdoor

As mentioned, the SL 609 Outdoor is a next generation vacuum lifting robot from Smartlift that’s designed to meet the needs and expectations of glass and glazing companies all over the world with a lifting capacity of up to 600/150kg (arm in/out). With this in mind, Smartlift has incorporated several new features and improvements in order to make the SL 609 a game changer.

The vacuum system can now be controlled via remote control, allowing the operator to stand away from the unit during the installation of glass and other materials. This not only offers greater flexibility for the operator, but it also helps to improve safety. The remote control also includes the ability to save glass installation positions, making repetitive mounting even simpler.

The new cordless remote control of the SL 609 Outdoor

A new auto levelling feature has also been added, allowing the operator to choose if/when they wish to use this. This balances health and safety with usability of the machine. A new light tower will also alert the operator to any errors such as low vacuum pressure or other system/operational issues when installing glass and other materials.

With the SL 609, Smartlift also introduces new gel battery packs which are considered a more reliable solution than AGM batteries whilst offering a longer lifespan.

Those who like to keep tabs on their investment will find the new Trackunit app extremely useful. The app connects you and your equipment, offering insights into the location of the equipment and how it’s operating via the help of a remote diagnostic system. The tracking system can also be configured to use geofencing, helping to ensure the equipment is only used in approved locations – a feature that’s proving popular with glazing robot hire/rental companies.

Which Should You Choose?

Which glass lifting robot you should choose all boils down to the needs and expectations of your business.

If you require a basic mid-range glazing robot and you aren’t interested in all the mod cons of the next generation SL 609 Outdoor, then the SL 608 may offer better choice with regards to its model variants, with the ability to opt for the standard entry-level non high lifter variant.

Model variants aside, the SL 609 Outdoor does feature a range of features and innovations that glass and glazing installers will find extremely useful. Whether that’s the new remote control of the vacuum system complete with the ability to save installation positions, or the new toggleable auto levelling feature, there’s plenty of benefit in the SL 609.

SL 609 Outdoor Glazing Robot

For rental companies or those interested in keeping tabs on their equipment, the Trackunit app of the SL 609 is a gamechanger over the SL 608. The various safety improvements on the SL 609 glass lifter may also help to sway your decision making.


The SL 609 Outdoor is clearly a more refined version of the SL 608 Outdoor, introducing a range of new features and functionality in the process. Which version you choose will largely depend on the needs of your business and how you intend to operate your glazing robot.

If the SL 609/608 is too large for your operation or doesn’t meet the needs of your glass lifting, then don’t forget that Smartlift offers a wide range of alternate model ranges with smaller or larger lifting capacities.

For more information on the SL 609 Outdoor, the SL 608 Outdoor, or other products across the Smartlift product range, why not get in touch with our Smartlift experts on 01977 643595, or by emailing them at

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