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Can a Smartlift ‘Glazing Robot’ Lift More Than Just Glass?

Smartlift glazing robots have built their reputation by successfully lifting and installing glass in curtain walling, windows, bi-folding doors, sliding patio doors and rooflights.

The boundaries have been pushed by Smartlift – a manufacturer of innovative glass lifting robots. With the help of some accessories, all Smartlifts can lift more than just a straight forward piece of flat glass!

This blog post outlines some examples of what a Smartlift can lift.


Providing the surface is smooth with only minor irregularities, a Smartlift can manipulate a vast array of doors. Proven examples include:

  • Steel Security Doors
  • GRP Hygienic Doors
  • Fire Doors
  • Acoustic Doors
  • UPVC Doors
  • Aluminium Doors
  • Composite Doors
  • Wooden Doors
A Smartlift lifting a heavy steel security door.


Granite worktops are a popular option for many internal property projects, recognised mainly for their good looks, toughness, and durability. With a 30mm thick granite worktop weighing around 9kg per square foot the units can be very heavy.

Smartlift vacuum robots can manipulate large granite slabs taking the manual handling risk away from manufacturers and installers.

A granite worktop being lifted by a Smartlift.

Curved Glass

Architectural glazing has become more adventurous and as a result, we are now seeing an increase in curved glass units being manufactured and installed.

Smartlift provides specialist oval or bellow suction cups to allow their glazing robots to successfully lift curved glass units for façade, curtain walling and shop front contractors. They are also proven in the automotive sector with rail, bus and coach glaziers.

Curved glass units can be lifted by Smartlift vacuum robots.


Plasterboard, insulated panels and cladding are not necessarily the heaviest items to lift, however, they can be awkward in size and cause a range of Musculoskeletal injuries. Smartlift can provide an effective solution to avoid manual handling for installations carried out by plasterers, cladding contractors and façade contractors.

A Smartlift lifting panelling.


To utilise the dual vacuum system on a Smartlift glazing robot in order to successfully lift the above materials, there are two main considerations:

  1. Is the item you’re trying to lift non-porous?
  2. Is there anything on the surface that could impair the robot’s ability to create vacuum pressure?

If you cannot create a vacuum and it is safe to lift your item by other means then you can take advantage of Smartlift pallet forks and lifting hooks. With Smartlift the possibilities are endless!

Lifting hooks and pallet forks are available on Smartlift glazing robots.

Do you have a lifting dilemma and think a Smartlift could help? If so, simply call us on 01977 643595 or email us at to discuss your requirements.

More information on the range of Smartlift glazing robots can be found here. Information on Smartlift accessories is available here.

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