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Avant Hire vs Ownership, Which Is Best?

In this blog post, we take a look at the pros and cons of Avant hire vs ownership. Continue reading to find out which option is best for your needs.

Avant Hire Avant Ownership

Frequency and duration
Compact loader hire is suited to occasional users (either domestic or commercial) for days, weeks or months at any one time.

Frequency and duration

Buying an Avant loader outright is better suited to those requiring frequent use of the same equipment for longer periods of months and years (as opposed to weeks). After the initial investment, you have the equipment at hand 24/7 on demand.

Type of equipment

If the type of work you are doing varies then hire is a good option. Your local Avant hire partner will stock a selection of machines and attachments so you can hire the model which best suits the specific task at hand.

Avant loader with grapple.

Type of equipment

Be sure to choose the right size and spec of compact loader to drive the attachments you may need for the future. A further option could be to purchase the Avant loader and hire the attachments which are not used as regularly.

Avant Loader with mower.

Maintenance and running costs

Apart from the fuel used (and any damage or neglect), there are usually no other running costs associated with hiring. Be sure to take care of the equipment whilst it’s in your care and perform any pre-use checks as advised by the hirer. You can either re-fuel yourself or the hirer will charge for this on return. In the unfortunate event of a breakdown, the hire company will come and carry out a repair within a reasonable timescale or swap the entire machine if the problem cannot be solved.

Maintenance and running costs

Owning mechanical equipment does come with more responsibility. Either legislative (such as the LOLER) or servicing and general maintenance for upkeep and reliability. A competent person can do all of this, but the engineer must be impartial in any decision made on the thorough examination or the LOLER inspection (this is an HSE requirement). Professional engineering companies can be sourced for these services at reasonable rates. CPS Lift has Avant factory trained engineers at hand to best perform these tasks to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Local support from the supplier

Choose an Avant hire company that will support you with advice on the right equipment and give good familiarisation on handover. With a thorough handover, you can be sure you are using the machine in the safest manner, whilst getting the most out of the features it provides. Make sure the hire company has trained mobile engineers at hand and are available on the phone for support.

An Avant loader outside the Avant factory.

Local support from the supplier

Be sure to purchase from a dealer who will give you the support you may need. Get a good handover on the compact loader and any attachments you purchase. Your local dealer will be at hand to offer help and advice throughout your ownership. Your local Avant dealer will have the right qualified staff to support any unfortunate issues which may arise and be covered by warranty (first 2-3 years normally). Your local dealer will take care of this on your behalf.

Avant Loader with road sweeper attachment.

Delivery and collection

The hire company will advise the cost of transport each way. This is normally a fixed price with an estimated time of arrival of the delivery. Make sure you are there to accept delivery and take advantage of the familiarisation training of the compact loader and any attachments you may have ordered. You will also be signing for the condition of the equipment so be sure to note any scratches or damages you see and inform the driver. If you need the hired equipment transporting during the hire, just ring the hirer and they will quote a price and make the arrangement.

Delivery and collection

On purchase, you can either collect the loader direct from the dealer, or they will offer to deliver it to your address. The dealer may offer a transport service for further movements or they will advise you on the safe method of transporting it yourself. Bear in mind you may require an operator’s license and tachograph if you are transporting for business purposes. This government website will advise on the up to date requirements.

Hire and purchase costs

A typical hire rate on this type of equipment is based on a percentage of the price of the base unit with attachment, typically around 1.5 to 2% but can vary across the UK. A better hire rate will be achieved by hiring over a longer-term.

Hire and purchase costs

On request, your local Avant dealer will send you a written quotation for the loader you have chosen. You can either pay upfront or look at financing options. For a real comparison, we would use finance. Again, your local Avant dealer will offer you some great deals to compare.

Example for hire

Mid-range Avant £21000.00
26 weeks hire £315/week
Transport £50.00 each way

One of CPS Lift's Avant loaders available for hire.

Example for ownership

Mid-range Avant £21000.00
Zero deposit
3-year term £150.00/week

Clear Asset Finance logo.



  • Only hire when you need it
  • The option of hiring different models
  • Much shorter financial commitments
  • Low maintenance responsibility
  • No repair costs other than for damage


  • Your own compact loader on demand
  • Paid for in 3 years or other chosen term
  • You can become the hirer?
  • Other attachments still available to hire


  • Hiring can be expensive over the long term.


  • 3-year commitment to finance
  • Responsibility to service maintenance
  • Out of warranty repair costs


There is no wrong decision here, it is simply down to personal choice and the needs of your business. At Central Platform Services, we support our customers from both sides. We even offer options like ‘hire before you buy’ which gives you the confidence to either purchase or rent long term having experienced the product first-hand. Our finance partners at Clear Asset Finance will make bespoke packages to suit your requirements (with zero deposits and VAT deferrals on request) at competitive rates for comparison.

Our hire partners will offer advice on the most suitable and practical loader for the tasks you have in mind. Whether you’re on a construction site, need a loader for agricultural work, or run an equestrian centre, there’s a loader for you. Our team is here to help you with hiring or buying your very own Avant compact loader.

Central Platform Services and its hire partners cover the North of the UK including Derbyshire, the whole of Yorkshire, Lancashire, Nottinghamshire, and Lincolnshire. Our in-house experts can advise which of the Avant multi-purpose compact loaders is suitable for your needs. Simply call us on 01977 643595 or email us at

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