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The Leguan 125 is an uncomplicated, efficient and easy to use access platform. It was given a facelift in 2018 and has proven its capabilities on hundreds of work sites over the years. This spider platform is ideally suited to situations that may require frequent transportation between jobs on a trailer. With its 4WD track system, the L125 can be relied upon where rough terrain is challenging and unforgiving.

This platform is powered by Honda and like all other Leguan cherrypickers it can be moved on a standard plant trailer, or a purpose-built trailer available from Leguan that allows operation of the unit without the need to dismount or unshackle it.

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The Leguan 125 access platform being used on rough terrain.

Key Features

  • Four wheel drive chassis
  • Hydraulic telescope
  • Honda GX390 13 Hp petrol engine with electric starter
  • Platform load control
  • Hydraulic outriggers with LED display
  • Hour meter
  • Emergency lowering from both platform and ground level
  • CE certification
  • Double pump (double speed)
  • Hydraulic automatic brakes on drive motors
  • Body colour in either green/grey or red/grey
  • Basket warning tape colour in either red/white or yellow/black
  • Either grass or tractor tyres


Working Height 12.5m
Max Outreach 6.5m
Cage Capacity 200kg
Weight 1500kg - 1650kg
Length 5160mm
Width 1200mm
Height 1840mm
Travel Width 950mm - 1120mm
Travel Height 1800mm - 1840mm
Power Options Honda 13 hp petrol

Optional Extras

  • Rubber tracks instead of wheels
  • Two outlets at platform - 230 V (110 V)
  • 230V (110 V) electric motor
  • Lower controls
  • Compressed air or water hose
  • Green plastic pads on outrigger plates
  • Larger outrigger plates
  • Jockey wheel
  • Non-marking white tyres in replace of standard tyres
  • Rubber tyres
  • Non-marking white rubber tracks instead of black tracks
  • Electric choke for Honda engine
  • Flash lights with on/off switch
  • Booster points 12 V
  • Safety harness with rope
  • Safety harness with fast fitting, flexi rope and bag
  • Leguan trailer (total weight 2000kg)
  • Studded tyres for trailer
  • Cloth tyre bags for use on delicate surfaces
  • Filled tyres (grass or tractor type)

Leguan Optional Extras (PDF)