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Powerscissor 600

New Low Level Access Platforms
Powerscissor 600
Laing Access Platforms

The Powerscissor 600 is a secure, low-level access scissor type platform for working heights of up to 6 m. The platform is simple to use and is very low maintenance, making it a cost-effective solution for your low-level access needs. It can even be pushed through a standard doorway, providing low-level access in a wide variety of environments.

Powerscissor Brochure
  • Secure platform for working heights of up to 6 m
  • Simple to use and low maintenance - no batteries, electrics or pumps to maintain
  • Can be pushed through a standard doorway
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Waterproof manual pod supplied
  • Forklift points
  • Four levelling stabilisers and bull's eye level
  • Operate manually by turning the handle or operating with a low powered drill
  • Emergency lowering rod and handle
  • 110 V or 240 V inlet, outlet and cable integrated into the scissor arms for safe use of power tools whilst working at height
  • Handy tool tray
  • Swivel braked castors at the front and anti-surfing brakes at the rear
Working Height6 m
Cage Capacity120 kg
Weight360 kg
Travel Width0.74 m
Travel Height1.93 m
Travel Length1.57 m
Power OptionsInert gas and 1 person