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New Access Platforms

The DINO 210XTB II is a battery-operated access platform featuring a working height of 21 m and a large maximum outreach of 11.7 m. This trailer mounted platform is easy to transport and has a good maximum basket capacity of 215 kg. Spider outriggers give the DINO 210XTB II great levelling capability, even on slopes.

Dino XT II & XTB II Series Brochure
  • Remote control steering system (via cable)
  • Easy to operate driving system
  • Hydraulic basked rotation 180°
  • Large, easy-entry basket with a 215 kg capacity
  • Large outrigger plates (280 x 360 mm)
  • Continuous rotation of the boom
  • Stable when towing
  • Quick setup and easy to use
  • Powerful charger and can be operated while charging
  • High capacity batteries (4 x 6 VDC, 235 Ah) allowing for a full day's work
  • Two joystick controls
  • Outrigger support indicator
  • Automatic levelling
  • LED working lights
  • Extra outrigger plates (500 x 500 x 35mm) including bracket
  • Lockable tool/harness box
  • Rack for tools and accessories
  • Spare wheel
  • 2 kW Honda generator and bracket for charging batteries where 230 VAC is not available
Working Height21 m
Max Outreach11.7 m
Cage Capacity215 kg
Weight2610 kg
Travel Width1.95 m
Travel Height2.33 m
Travel Length7.92 m