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New Access Platforms

The DINO 120TN is a trailer-mounted access platform that comes with a special axle and outriggers so that it can be made narrower. The platform features a working height of 12 m and a maximum outreach of 7.9 m. It has a maximum basket capacity of 120 kg (even at maximum outreach) and is the ideal platform for indoor maintenance jobs.

DINO 120TN Brochure
  • Special axle and outriggers, allowing the platform to be made narrow
  • Min width of just 0.9 m
  • Stable to tow with a transport width of 1.53 m
  • Powerful driving system making it easy to move on location
  • Outrigger support indicator
  • One-person steel basket
  • Compact design with a transport length of just 5.5 m
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Easy to maintain
Working Height12 m
Max Outreach10 m
Cage Capacity120 kg
Weight1355 kg
Travel Width1.53 m
Travel Height2.05 m
Travel Length5.52 m