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Leguan 160

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New Access Platforms
Leguan 160
Leguan Access Platforms

The Leguan 160 is a robust access platform with a working height of 15.9m. This platform is designed for heavy duty, professional use. It’s perfect for both construction sites and industrial maintenance, working well in both indoor and outdoor settings. The platform’s impressive durability also makes it a good choice for rental companies.

Leguan 125, 135 & 160 Brochure
  • Four-wheel drive chassis
  • Hydraulic telescope and jib boom
  • Kubota 14hp water cooled diesel engine
  • Double pump (double speed)
  • Hydraulic outriggers
  • LED display for outriggers
  • Hour meter
  • Set up - outrigger control
  • Emergency lowering from both platform and ground level
  • Load control (200kg)
  • CE certification
  • Electric rotation of basket (45 degrees to left and right)
  • Hydraulic automatic brakes on drive motors
  • Base colour in either green/grey or red/grey
  • Warning tape on basket in either red/white or yellow/black
  • Grass or tractor tyres
  • Rubber tracks instead of wheels
  • Cloth tyre bags for use on delicate surfaces
  • Filled tyres (either grass or tractor type)
  • Two outlets 230V (110V) at platform
  • 230V (110V) motor - propelling power unit
  • Non-marking white tyres or rubber tracks
  • Jockey wheel
  • Lower controls
  • Hose to platform (compressed air/water)
  • Green plastic pads on outrigger plates
  • Larger plates for outriggers
  • Booster points 12V
  • Engine heater (Defa)
  • Safety harness with rope
  • Safety harness with fast fitting, flexi rope and bag
  • Flash lights with on/off switch
  • Leguan special trailer (total weight 3000kg)
  • Studded tyres for trailer
  • GPS tracker with alarm and remote diagnostic system
Working Height15.9m
Max Outreach6.7m
Cage Capacity200kg
Weight2100kg - 2400kg
Height1910mm - 2020mm
Travel Width1000mm - 1300mm
Travel Height1910mm - 2020mm
Power OptionsKubota 14 hp diesel